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Yellow summer raincoat with plaid flannel lining
Red Donation Coat

Our Donation Coats are made with the same waterproof fabric as the winter and summer coats, and have a lightweight lining, see thru pocket for donations and the words 'DONATION' or 'DONATION DOG' embroidered on the side. Coats on hand are a standard one size fits all with ample 2" wide velcro on band for closure. They sell for $35.00.

Safety Vest Whippets Safety Vest Greyhound
Safety Vest

Our Safety Vests are hunter orange for whippets (while supply lasts) and retail for $16.00. The Penn Dot yellow vests are greyhound size and retail for $26.00. Your furkids will definitely show up in the dark wearing either of these vests. They are sized to fit most dogs but can be made to specific measurements. If you have any questions feel free to contact Ann.

Greyhound size Safety Vest
Whippet size Safety Vest

More Specialty Coats
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Animal Print

Our Animal Print came about because I've been fond of saying I can make a coat to fit any animal. So when I saw this rocking horse I knew I had to have it and make a coat for it to prove my point! This particular coat would fit a Westie size furkid which is approximately 15" from base of neck to base of tail. Also in stock are 17" and 19" coats. All of the above mentioned sizes retail for $25.00 - summer, $30.00 - winter, $27.00 fleece. If ordering a 15, 17, or 19" coat, please indicate size in the comments section when you check out.


Special Order Coats - This coat was made for a doxie that is a racing fan! The flags flap in the breeze as they're rounding the first turn. Pricing depends on size coat and specific requests.

Special Order

This blue coat/vest is another special order for a Texas greyhound dad and his furkid Texas. Pricing depends on size coat and specific requests.

Don't Mess With Texas!

A Special Coat for a Special Boy

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We support and donate to greyhound adoption.

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