Windsocks  Windsocks


Our Windsocks are made with an outdoor fabric in a variety of colors. Bright streamers and colorful embroidery are standard on each windsock. Colors available at this time are dark blue, med. blue, red, dark green, white, yellow, lilac, burgundy, mint green, buff (light gold), light turquoise, and orange. These colors may change without notice. Please indicate color preference at check out. These sell for $23.00.


Garden Flags  Garden Flags
Garden Flags  Garden Flags

Garden Flags

Our Garden Flags are a perfect addition to your yard or garden. Like our windsocks they are made with an outdoor fabric in a variety of colors. Colors available at this time are red, dark green, orange, yellow and dark royal blue. More colors will be added soon. Our flags are 12 x 16" but a smaller size is available upon request. These are the designs currently available but more will be added in the future. Want to use your family name instead? No problem! To assure you get the flag in your choice of color and design, contact Ann at for details and ordering instructions. Our garden flags are $25.00.

Enter details - color, design

Kindle Fire HD Cases  Kindle Fire HD Cases

Kindle Fire Embroidered Carry Case

Introducing the Kindle Fire HD embroidered carry case. It is a padded case with a carry handle and retails for $30.00 plus shipping (and tax where applicable.) This particular case is highlighting a white boxer but can be any design providing that I already have it or can easily obtain it. Fabric color is customer's choice but pattern depends on availability. This case fits two different sizes of the Kindle Fire but adjustments can be made for the larger Kindle. For more information please contact Ann at

Enter details - color, design

Large Blue 1  Large Blue 2

Small Red  Small Green

Large Creme  Small Blue

Christmas Tree Skirts

Our Christmas tree skirts are one of a kind, hand made with distinctive machine embroidery. Fabric is a wool/polyester/rayon blend that is hand washabale with cool or cold water, no soap and no rubbing. Gently push water out of fabric and lay flat to dry. Will soften up with use. They are available in two different sizes - approximately 15 inches from top to bottom and approximately 25 inches top to bottom. Price is $40.00 each plus shipping and tax where applicable. Unless I can find this fabric at a reasonable price, once these are gone they are gone for good. For more information please contact Ann at



Placemats  Placemats

Place Mats

Place Mats are available in black and off white, green and off white, blue and off white, and dark red and off white. They are striped on the 'up' side with a greyhound face in the middle and the 'down' side is usually checked. The mats have a padded center to help protect your table. These sell for $8.00 each. (Colors pictured are blue stripe, dark red with reverse checked showing, and black with reverse toile pattern)



Hot pads/pot holders are made with a quality cotton blend fabric. The inside is insul-bright which is the fabric that keeps you from burning your hands! There is a tab in the upper left hand corner to enable you to hang your hot pads and a greyhound in the middle! The fabric is always changing on this item. Customers have praised the fact that these wash/dry like a dream. They sell for $8.00 a piece.

Color Preference if Available
Tea Towels

Tea Towels  Tea Towels

Tea Towels

Tea Towels - generous size t-towel with tab on top for hanging. Embroidered greyhound design on every towel and they come in a variety of colors/styles. I don't always have the same towels as I tend to 'mix them up' when purchasing. In some cases I actually make the towel also. Towels can be embroidered with something other than greyhounds. Most towels sell for $13.00 but some speciality and larger design towels sell for $16.00. Please contact me at with the with any questions on the image you prefer. Towels shown above are just a sample of the many designs available.

Tea Towel Size

 Grapehound Tea Towels

Grapehound Tea Towels

Iron on Patches

Iron on Patches

Iron on Patches - approximately 3" in diameter. They have an embroidered greyhound design in the middle and are machine washable and dry on warm/cool. Patches shown are just an example of the many designs available. These sell for $5.00 a piece.

Embroidered Coasters - These are made from same pattern as iron on patches but come four in a pack and have a waterproof bottom. Also machine washable and dry on warm/cool. They sell for $16.00 for a pack of 4 coasters.


Mug Rugs

Mug Rugs - these are the same quality fabrics as the pot holders. Front is a greyhound face and back is a coordinating fabric. These are not waterproof but will help protect your furniture from dings and scratches. Colors usually available are red, yellow, blue, green, cream and white but can change without notice. They come four in a pack and sell for $11.00.

Color Preference


Fleece Neck Scarves

Fleece Neck Scarves are made with quality fleece, are reversible and have a decorative edge. Standard sizing is approx. 10" wide and 6' long and retails for $11.00. Color, other widths and prices depend on availability. For more information please email me at before making your order.


More Designs!

We're not just greyhounds! The above golden retreiver designs were placed on a pocketbook for a customer in New York. Please inquire if there's a design you'd like to have me place on an item - I have hundreds of designs and lots of different breed dogs. Designs aren't limited to animals, they can also be of flowers etc.

NEW! ~ Pocketsbooks are $65.00, totally hand made using antique embroidery stitches,several inside pockets and long shoulder straps. Color of stitching can be any color and various designs are available. To order off the web you can use the Pay Pal button below but before ordering, please email me at for details.


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